Allied Airplane

Allied Airplane


An aeroplane used in air strikes, parachute drops and bomb drops. Requires a signaler and most of the time an officer to be called in. The only one which can be called in without an officer is the para drop as it is actually classed as a unit. These also come to the sky when commander calls for Air Superiority, but their shadows are not seen on the battlefield, as it is probably looking over (encircling) the battlefield, praying on German Support.


  • Cannot die (yet).
  • Needs a signaler to call in.
  • The plane's ellipse shadow looks like the one of a British Spitfire, even though that couldn't handle paratroopers or bombs.
  • It is the only British vehicle in the game.
  • If you have the Son of London Ribbon, they protect you from V1's.

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