Browning M1919

Browning M1919 MG


The M1919A4 Browning machine gun, or Browning .30 Machine Gun, is the only light/medium machine gun available to you in the game. A basic machine gun, the Browning .30 Machine Gun fires a .30-06 bullet and has a very high rate of fire, a very high magazine capacity, and good damage. Only the gunner can use this gun, although it is also mounted on the halftrack.

It is inaccurate with lower rank gunners, useful for only pinning down troops, but in the hands of a MAX ranked gunner it is truly epic. He will shoot at multiple targets, giving each one a 3-5 round burst. A good gunner can cover five enemies in three seconds. When a gunner reaches a high rank, his accuracy improves, and the gun becomes a two-hit killer.