Frag Grenade


A grenade is a hand-thrown explosive device useful against infantry.

  • The Allied grenade has the same specs as its German counterpart, except its throwing range is 20% less.
  • The grenade can be bought in the weapon upgrade panel for one TP.
  • Obtaining the Urb's Anatomy Ribbon will give infantry a 10% chance to start with grenades.
  • The grenade can be equipped to all troops although medics, even if equipped with this device, will not use them.
  • The hand grenade can be also used in conjunction with Rifle Grenades. Equipping one will not prevent the other from being used by a soldier.
  • The hand grenade has a smaller throwing range than Rifle Grenades.
  • Grenades cannot be thrown out of a bunker.
  • Grenades can be thrown from under Cam Nets.
  • Sarge and Spec Ops are automatically deployed with these. Paratroopers can be deployed with them but it is completely random.

It is important to note that explosives will kill friends and foes. Troop placement and maneuvering is key when issuing ordinance to your soldiers. It is recommended to refrain from having troops above those that have grenades. Ultimately, you can always remove them when they're not serving their purpose.

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