Costing only a single TP, the Shotgun is the cheapest firearm available, besides the weapon downgrade. Praised by many users to be the best weapon in the game in close combat, the shotgun is widely used and abused by players who favor the push-forward tactic. Scouts with shotguns are relatively effective when pushing forward.


  • In the hands of an experienced soldier, the shotgun can fire extremely fast.
  • The Winchester Model 1897, one of the first successful pump-action shotgun designs, was slightly modified by the US military in WW1 for use and was renamed the Trench Gun.

-Note: (from my xp):if this was given to a spec op,he can take out the flak and the pak pretty easily. best to give this to a high morale for Cqc even better with a high rifle,so they can use this pretty far away this can cause xp hog

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