A Sit-rep, Sitrep or Situation Report is basically just a support call that costs 1 TP and has a 10% chance of giving you 5 TP. To make a call it requires a Signaler only. Statistics show that it's a waste of TPs, but who cares? If you do it right, you'll be happy. Kind of like gambling, if you're lucky consider using this. Even if you don't get the 5 TP's, it gives your signaler 1 xp, just like using Combat Leadership.

If you call them excessively a message will say: You must wait for the tactical situation to change in order to perform another sitrep!! and you will have to wait a little while to do it again.

After calling in 100 of these you get a good looking ribbon. In previous versions this was one of most common ways of training signalers because there was no limit to the amount of times this could be called and each call gave the signaler 1xp.

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