Snipers are expert marksmen (with much higher rifle than ordinary soldiers) and are armed with a Scoped Springfield.

When not shooting, snipers are cloaked and cannot be seen by enemies. You'll notice this when they become transparent and just barely visible. When the sniper shoots he is immediately revealed for 80 ticks (4 seconds) before cloaking again. The visibility will decrease with experience, so that when the sniper has 100 exp, they will never uncloak.

The sniper is less effective in the bottom of a trench or under cover of a bunker. They also have a slow rate of fire, although this decreases with experience. Therefore, if your sniper has 100 exp, he will wreak havoc on germans with accurate and relatively rapid fire.

Snipers are one of the best soldiers in the game, just because of their sheer killing ability and high damage, as well as their ability to spot and kill German Snipers and Infiltrators, even when they are cloaked. Their ability to spot infiltrators at any range makes them more useful than Scouts for this role.

Snipers cannot use Rifle Grenades and cannot have different weapons. A sniper is also the only infantry unit which can fire at a German who is in CQC with your men, unless you specifically order a Concentrate Fire on said German.

Snipers are very unique when it comes to CQC, they are one of two units that can walk away from CQC on command, but will still pause to throw punches in the same manner that a soldier pauses to fire when moving. However, they will uncloak if they enter CQC, and they cannot cloak again until they fire. They can also (strangely) enter CQC with other soldiers already engaged, allowing multiple snipers to beat a single German to death. They will also throw grenades at invisible enemies.


  • Snipers (including German ones) are the only units in the game that can cloak, apart from infiltrators, rendering them invisible to enemy troops. However, the sniper can still get hit by a grenade, rocket or shell intended for someone else.
  • Sniper is the second most framed (Gunner takes first place) unit in the game, his frames are: ((Busy)) , ((Cloak busy)) , ((Cloak aim)) , ((Close Quarter Combat)) , ((Shoot)) , ((Disabled)) , ((Fall back)).
  • Snipers have the tied longest ranged weapon in the game, tied with Bazookas, Mortars, and other AT units.
  • When you add a scope to a Springfield it makes it almost twice as long as it usually is.
  • This unit is very effective when Ranger Trained. His rifle skill and morale will be increased by 15 unlike other grunts.
  • This is the only unit that wears a mask.

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