This is your ordinary soldier or GI (Government Issued) that you will use often in the game. You will get four of them for free at the start of a regular deployment or Proper Planning.

They are quite random in their attributes; they often will start with very random rifle and morale, but some medals can increase their rifle skill and morale.

They cost 3 TP and start with a Springfield rifle (but there is a medal to have them start with an M1 Garand).

That's right. He's your average, everyday G.I. Joe. There's nothing special about them, and that is what makes them awesome. This unit lacks a real weakness because he is your average, but has 2 strong attributes. He is upgradable, making him adaptable to any situation or strategy. The second strength is his ability to rank up fairly well. While other, more specialized units rank up "okay". he can easily reach above 80 rifle and morale without aid, making him a real Kraut-killer. They also aren't as hard on your budget compared to other troops when it comes to the initial buy.

Like all troops, Soldiers can have some serious rifle skill once they rank up, and when they are equipped with a Rifle and a Springfield, they can launch grenades extremely quickly.. So you know what that means? Fun killing for them, satisfying sight for you.

Tending to be less of a bullet magnet than a Spec Ops, a Soldier is able to stay alive relatively longer. While many have chosen the Spec Ops over the normal soldier, both can be viable for killing some Krauts.

Some people say they are similar to the German Wehrmacht.

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