Tiger Tank

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 "This is a Tiger I heavy tank. It emphasized on firepower and armor at the expense of mobility."  — Official game quote The Panzerkampfwagen VI "Tiger I" is the second most feared enemy, only beaten by the Wespe. It has a huge main gun that can blast bunkers and an MG42 that can't be shot out by bullets.

It's job is to destroy your bunkers and other constructionswith its massive main gun, while the MG-42 Gunner on its top will squeeze bullets on your infantry.

In patch 2.3, the Bazooka's effectiveness against Tiger tanks was significantly reduced; Urb has stated that they will now take 6x the damage to kill. Shermans and AT Guns will still destroy them in 1 hit.

The good news is that it doesn't appear commonly, so usually you have much time to prepare for one. Additionally, the Tiger tank has a large hitbox.

How do I destroy it?Edit

  1. Around 6 Bazooka rounds will kill it.
  2. An AT Gun shot will put it out of commission quick.
  3. Use AT Mines, only one is needed to take a Tiger out.
  4. A Bomb Drop or Arty Strike will work too.
  5. Due to its large hitbox, bazookas will take it out (with multiple shots). Sadly, the 'Indestructible bunker' no longer works as of patch 2.3, so don't try it.

Tigers VERSUS ShermansEdit

In real life an average of about 3 Sherman Tanks were needed to take out 1 Tiger in most situations (Except for the Sherman Firefly), although this does not mean 2 Shermans were destroyed. Here, though, 1 experienced Sherman will do the job of turning a Tiger Tank into scrap metal.

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