"This is a soldier from the Volkssturm. They are poorly trained draftees and have a very low moral."

                                                    — Official game quote Volkssturm, or Volk, are the most undisciplined, worthless, unskilled and cowardly Germans soldier that can be deployed on the battlefield. Each soldier of the Volkssturm has no backpack, just a red armband. They are really proud of running away (funny, right?), and most of time they will die by either running or advancing. They are an equivalent of your Frenchie, so sometimes just shooting at them only once makes them run away. When added with the effect of the Assault Expert Award they will run away far more likely.

When one of these guys appeared on the battlefield, usually someone died - it was usually him.

These little people even have their own blitz, which is usually free TP for a good anti-infantry setup. However, in masses of 20+, these little soldiers can wreak havoc without a decent Anti Infantry defense.